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We want to know about your Tussock Traverse race experience. A nitty-gritty ins-and-outs of what you enjoyed or what challenged you about this event.

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Participant feedback from past events...

"Just to tell you what a great event you organised on Saturday. It was my first time competing in the traverse, and it was fantastic! I have only ever done one half marathon (last October), so wasn't sure what to expect with my first off-road run. I was encouraged to enter by my brother who was doing the 26km run, so my sister and I entered the 13km run. Well and truly a family affair! We all found the whole experience such a positive one. Right from the registration on Friday night, I was impressed with the friendliness of both organisers and competitors.

The event was a slick operation, the atmosphere on the day was awesome, and the scenery second to none. Standing at the end, waiting for Nathan to finish, I was impressed with the camaraderie displayed by the early finishers in the way that competitors congratulated each other and showed genuine support. I have returned to Wellington and told anyone who will listen that the Tussock Traverse is the run to do - my kids and husband are probably tired of hearing about it!."
- Michelle McClintock

"Thanks for a great event in Saturday which I thought was well organised and great fun. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I race walk so I found the 26k track itself pretty challenging as most of the races I do are on flat roads. In saying that though, the course was pretty much what I expected as I have hiked some of the area before and also done a few other off-road events (the Kinlock 1/2 marathon for example). I'm sure you put a lot of work into it so thanks again to you and your team including the helpful and supportive marshals out on the course (some of them would have had a fairly big day just getting to their marshaling points)." - Harry Terwiel

"Thanks for an amazing event - great race, brilliantly organised and a fun venue / after party. Congratulations - hope to be back with an even bigger crowd of friends next year - everyone has been impressed with the one and only photo I took on the day!" - Anne Fulton
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