THIS is Tongariro

Tussock Traverse Adventure Run/Walk

6km/12km, 21km, 32km & 50km (NEW for 2021!)

The Tussock Traverse is hosted in the Tongariro National Park and is one of the most scenic and varied courses in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Join us for the 17th annual Tussock adventure on Saturday 30th January – the first major trail running event on the 2021 calendar.

Enjoy the wonder of the Tongariro National Park, making your way through native flora and fauna and surrounded by the magnificence of the three volcanoes that stand tall before you, Mount Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe.

From the start to the finish line at the Chateau Tongariro, you will experience a fun, relaxed atmosphere enhanced by the majesty of your surroundings.

Tussock Traverse 2021

6km or 12km
Run or Walk

Tussock Traverse course options are varied and include a 6km or 12km run or walk featuring the Taranaki Falls.

Recommended for families and those new to the excitement of off-road adventures, this course gives you the challenge of navigating undulating terrain while remaining an achievable distance to bring you through to a strong finish at the Chateau Tongariro.


The 21km and 32km run or walk begin with the mist clearing from the east side of Mount Ruapehu and cut across the heart of the World Heritage Tongariro National Park.

A great introduction to adventure trail running, you will negotiate your way through the varied volcanic landscape, and be challenged with rock hopping and stream crossings, before descending through beech forest to the finish line.

Tussock of Fire
50km Run (NEW!)

Our new event in 2021 is the ‘Tussock of Fire’ – a 50km run, known and loved by Ring of Fire event participants. A technical ultra-trail marathon, the 50km begins with the descent of the Ohakune Mountain Road before entering native bush trails.

Never amiss in our Tongariro National Park events, 50km entrants will navigate boulder fields, volcanic terrain and cross the grand Wahianoa canyon with swing-bridges. Getting the best of all worlds, you will finish with sandy and rocky trails before joining the Tussock crew at the Chateau Tongariro finish line.


In addition to the usual event fund raising support of Project Tongariro  (Tongariro Natural History Society), and the great work they do conserving this spectacular area, we are giving entrants the opportunity to opt out of receiving their finisher medal.

In this case, Victory Events will collaborate with Project Tongariro to plant a native tree in the region instead, allowing you to leave a legacy in this magical place.

Thank you to our sponsors