Enter Online
Online entries for the 2021 Tussock Traverse are available at https://eventplus.net/TUS21 
Entries for the 2021 new feature event (50km Run) are available from 0930hrs on Thursday 15th October

2021 Event Pricing 

Event Period APeriod BPeriod CPeriod DPeriod E
6km individual$39.00$44.00$49.00$54.00$59.00
6km family*$117.00$132.00$147.00$162.00$177.00
12km individual$74.00$79.00$84.00$89.00$94.00
21km (incl. 2 way event transport)$169.00$179.00$189.00$199.00$209.00
32km (incl. 2 way event transport)$189.00$199.00$209.00$219.00$229.00
50km (user pays transport additional)N/A$249.00$269.00$279.00$289.00

2021 Pricing Periods

Period A.  August 1 – 7, 2020 
Period B. August 8 – October 31, 2020
Period C. November 1 – December 31, 2020
Period D. January 1 – 23, 2021
Period E. January 24 – 30, 2021

2021 Pricing Notes

  • A 6km Family Entry can be 2 adults & 2 children under 13 years OR 1 adult and 3 children under 13 years.
  • Event transport for the 50km event is user pays.  Taking bus transport from Whakapapa Village to the start of the event is optional (and costs $35.00 per person). If you’d like to utilise this user pays service, you need to book through the online registration system.
  • Event transport is included in the entry price for all 32km & 21km entrants from Carpark 10 on Bruce Road to Waihohonu/Tukino (for race starts) and from Chateau Tongariro back up to Carpark 10 (post finish).
  • All those who enter either the 32km or 21km in the first 7 days of August (Pricing Period A) will receive a complimentary Tussock Traverse branded running cap (RRP $40.00).
  • All finishers will receive an event gift.
  • All finishers can recieve a customised finisher medal. Please note, at the time of entering the 2021 event, all entrants have the choice to opt out of receiving a medal at the event.  Where entrants opt out, Victory Events will collaborate with Project Tongariro to plant a native tree in the region instead.
  • Online entries will remain open until 5.00pm on Thursday 28th January, 2021.  Once online entries close, entries will only be available in person at our pre event registration on Friday 29th or Saturday 30th January until sold out.
  • Limited entries! All longer distance events since 2018 have sold out. Entries are closed when limits are reached.

2021 Refund/Transfer Policy plus Force Majeure/Cancellation Policy
We understand that your personal circumstances may change after entering so please read our full Refund/Transfer policy before entering.   We encourage you all to read our Force Majeure & Event Cancellation Policy in full prior to entering too. TussockTraverseRefundTransferForceMajeurePolicy-2021FINAL

2021 Age Categories
Young Tussock Men & Young Tussock Women (Under 23 years) 
Open Tussock Men & Open Tussock Women (under 40 years)
Masters Tussock Men & Masters Tussock Women (40 years plus)
Older Tussock Men & Older Tussock Women (50 years plus)
Oldest Tussock Men & Oldest Tussock Women (60 years plus)

2021Minimum Age Entry Requirements
All potential entrants considering participation in any of the distance options must be confident of being physically fit enough to be able to complete the distance within an off road terrain setting inside the event course cut-off times. In addition to this the following age restrictions will be in place.

50km Run:
– In order to enter these events solo entrants must be 18 years or older on event day.

32km/21km events:
– In order to enter these events solo entrants must be 16 years or older on event day.

12km and 6km events:
– In order to enter and run/walk these events solo (without an entrant 16+ being required by the event to stay with you) entrants must be 11 years or older on event day.

– If entrants are under 11 years and wish to enter the 12km/6km, entry is allowed providing these rules are followed:
1. The under 11 entrant is physically fit enough to be able to complete the distance within an off road terrain setting inside the event course cut-off times under his/her own steam (push chairs/buggies are not suitable or allowed on the event course). We also want to see younger entrants really enjoying the outdoors at this event – not being dragged around for the adult’s enjoyment.
2. An entrant 16 years + remains with this younger entrant throughout the event and is responsible for them. While there are marshals and medical staff on the event course this event is set in an ever changing outdoor environment where good decisions will need to be made by all entrants on the event course.

All inquiries regarding younger entrants can be directed to info@tussocktraverse.co.nz.  Organisers will issue promo codes to override the online age restrictions when they are confident the above rules will be followed.